Consignment Services

 Consignment Services

Downsizing, redecorating, or just no longer have a need for that old clock that’s been in the closet, the garage or the attic for years? The Kerrville Clock Company will gladly purchase your unwanted clock for a reasonable price. Or, we will offer your clock for sale for a low consignment fee of only 39% of the selling price.

Sell Your Items Immediately

We take great pride in making the lives of our customers easier. If you are interested in selling your clock(s), look no further than Kerrville Clock Company. You don’t even need to make an appointment. You can easily drop by during store hours, sell your items, and receive your cash on the spot.



For those who are willing to wait a little longer, we also offer consignment arrangements. You have the option to consign your items with us and choose when to drop by and receive payment on the items that have sold. Any clock consigned with us must be in good working condition. Our in-house repair service provider will gladly examine your clock and perform whatever repairs are necessary…cleaning, oiling, and/or adjusting (for a fee) to insure it’s in good working order. Then, your clock is displayed on the sales floor in our store, as well as listed on our consignment on-line store. This way, you can be sure your items receive maximum exposure, significantly improving the chances of them getting sold. In fact, we’re confident that the items you consign with us will sell faster than in any of the other physical and on-line consignment shops around!



Have questions for us? Call us at (830)-955-5016, 9am-5pm Monday-Friday, or Saturday on request (830-496-0580) to speak with a member of our staff. You may also send a message through our CONTACT US page. Our showroom is located at 1608 Sidney Baker in Kerrville, Tx.